Why waiting a month is worst then you think

We all know what three months of doing nothing does to us. It’s mentally and physically draining.

Maybe you gained weight or you lost muscle mass. Either way, you are not feeling good right now.

I’m pretty sure that at some point you said you would start next month. Or worst, we got on a call in the last year and it turns out, you are still waiting for next month.

It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it is.

Let’s just look at what will happen if you start.

You’ll get access to the mobile app to make sure you are following the right plan. It also allows me to follow your progress and see if you do the work.

We’ll make your schedule according to your lifestyle. By the end of the first month, your schedule will be so easy to follow that you won’t miss a day.

We’ll look at food intake and how to optimize your days. It takes time, but the second month is just fine-tuning. Changes already started to happen.

From that point, we go into phase two and just watch the progress occur.

Now, let’s look at what can happen if you wait to start next month.

First, you won’t start next month. You will still be waiting. sorry, I just know.

In one month, you can gain four to six pounds. Weight we will have to burn later. So that one month made you lose two, just to get back to the same point.

Maybe you started right away, by yourself, and figured you would start later with me. How’s it going so far? Hopefully, you are not injured. Because now, we have something else to fix.

If nothing happened in the last month. You are not feeling better. Nothing has changed. You are still looking for the magical pill. It’s time to do something or next month, it will be the same.

Book a strategy call and let’s get you on the right track.

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