Started on January 1, 2018
At Home, outside or at the gym.

Personal Training

Starting a training program is a process that can be both motivating and intimidating. To be successful in fitness, it is important to set realistic and measurable goals, and to establish a program that will grow with you over time.

As a private coach, I support you in this process and guide you every step of the way. Thus, I access your overall physical health and offer you the superior support necessary for the best possible outcome.

Why a personal trainer?

Motivation is difficult to maintain when training is done individually. A private trainer helps maintain that motivation. Admit it’s easier to just not show up at a gym when we do not have a trainer waiting for us.

I am there to make sure your goals are met. Whether it is for exercise adjustment, program progression or nutrition issues, I’m an important ally in your success. I will show you the proper form for every movement to make it safer. A good technique will help you develop faster and keep you away from injuries.

All private sessions are 1 hour. During this time,  we will work together to reach your goals in the fastest way possible.

You don’t have a personalized program yet?

No worries! Your trainer will lead you through different functional movements based on your personal goals.

Where will you workout?

The choice is yours: the gym of your choosing, outside or at home. Simply inform us prior to the meeting.

The price for a private session is affordable and a great investment.

I can help you from one to five times a week!

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