Started on January 1, 2018

Online coaching plan

The online program gives you access to me to answer any questions you may have regarding your fitness in the comfort of your home.

It is no longer necessary to move to obtain a personalized plan that fits your need.

The online coaching includes

Evaluation of the objectives

Personalized workout plan

Video call 

Nutritional guidance

Weekly check-ins 

Email and text support 

Access to mobile app 

Video demo for each exercise 

Your program is available in the app and printable

What if I have questions?

I am always available. Whether it’s one week or three months after the end of the plan, you can always contact me for any inquiries, clarifications, talking about the progression and goals, or even make some adjustments to the workout.

To help you train without injuries and waste of time, you have access to demo videos for every exercices of the program

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