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“I value health and well-being first and foremost. It’s important for me that everyone finds what they love about fitness and move as often as possible.”

I had the chance to grow up in an active environnement, I try to help people see the good things an active lifestyle can bring.

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A trainer, lots of personalised follow-ups, all in your hands! Because your objectives are clear, your plan should be as well. Access your workouts through the app and perform your exercises safely and efficiently.

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Try a free week of training. The monthly subscription is built so that everyone is able to train at their own pace and according to their schedule. It is a complete and varied program that helps stay fit, functional and healthy.

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Excellent coach, attentive and motivating!”

Pierre-Étienne, T

Simple approach, concrete and fast results. He’s a great coach who helped me a lot. Always available for his client.”

Hector, S

Jonathan is a sensational coach, very professional, and passionate. He listens to my needs and has helped me greatly to achieve and maintain my goals. I recommend him!”

Laurie, C

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In life, I love when things are efficient. What could be more efficient then to assemble what I use on
If I have not written it here before, some of you have probably heard me say that it's not in
I recently received my first tool that makes more noise than a blender. At thirty years old, it was time.
If you follow influencers who navigate the world of fitness, you've already seen a jar of "BCAA". The dietary supplement